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i'll show you how impressive totals are looking and we'll talk about flood concerns in just a few minutes. >> thank you. see you shortly. some areas in the north bay as is often the case took the brunt of the storm. >> hi, dan. as you can see now, it's clear i am in petaluma here this is where folks are coming to pick up sand bags. at this point, forecasters are saying they can get 10 inches of rain in higher elevations here in sonoma county. folks are getting ready for what is still to come. in northern marin, heavy rain swept through the morning was screwviewed as a sign of things still to come. in novato there was a run as first system approached. >> last couple days everybody has been preparing themselves between tarps and plastic and stuff like that.
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patio furniture, wood. stuff like that. it's been chaotic. >> in snonla county rain cells left water standing in places that are usual trouble spots this time of the year. here along old redwood highway near petaluma. there is concern about clogging storm drains but no serious problems. still with, more systems lined up off the coast, some thought it was a good time to prepare for what could happen when the next heavy rains roll in. >> this is a good time to get bags. we'll set them up tonight, tomorrow sometime. >> and again, you can see here a live picture. a little bit of a rush here at the sand pile. the yard here besides concerns about flooding next systems move in, chp reports they've had considerable problems on the highways and roadways up here since 6:00 in the morning. 16 collisions involving
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weather. they say that is more than twice than the normal number in petaluma abc 7 news. >> it's tricky to drive in the rain. thank you. power back on now to about 1100 residents in pacifica. they lost electricity at the tight of the -- height of the torm this morning when a insul later exploded. lines were blown down. a predawn house fire being blamed on a storm-related surge. no one was hurt. at least one surfer took advantage to catch a wave more or less. pg&e says 18700 homes and businesses lost power at some point during this wave of the storm system. electric yiee has been restored to all but 670 of the customers. >> folks in the santa cruz mountains usually prepared for wet weather but this storm created unavoidable problems. we're live with more. car rena? >> -- karina?
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>> fog with rain did make driving here treacherous but real issue people are talking about is what happened on highway 9. >> this is what the storm domino affect looks like in the santa cruz mountains. traffic backed up on highway 9. >> we have an empty business here we can route traffic around. it's slow going. so... highway 9 being a major road? yes. it's impacting. >> first, rain and wind, then, downed trees and that in turn knocked down a power line. >> i was just sparking with wet ground. jumping again. so... >> people were driving around it?. >> yes. yes. >> and not start? >> not really. >> pg&e cutoff power and one toppled tree became just the beginning of problems for businesses alngt mountain corridor. >> our generators are on the way in a truck. i'm hoping they'll be here
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soon so i can get back up and running. >> the damage was done. trickle impact could not ab voided. >> she's probably waiting for me. >> where they're generally prepared to welcome winter weather, the big storm of the season had some people thinking twice. >> high winds have like 50 miles per hour winds. now, thinking of things i need to make sure, you know? right down, not going to take off. >> that is right. winld and rain coming. so home and business owners do need to prepare for that chp is prepared and plans on patrols and traffic breaks as needed on this stretch of highway 17. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> thank you. flights are still running up to 90 minutes late at san
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francisco international airport. that is a biproduct of the storm. no delays in oakland or san jose international airport. but it never hurts to call ahead. check to see if you're flying out or picking up someone tonight. >> when there is heavy rain we hear complaints about water backing up in the mission district. today, city workers broug in sandbags, to protect businesses and homes. the neighborhood is a former lagoon. rain water just runs down from neighborhoods and pools there. we talked with one person who says this is great. >> people get between seven to 10. and there is maybe a front door but when have you loading dock as cross the street which is a restaurant that is all open across. that goes three feet below street level. they need 35 dags -- 35 bags.
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>> the city has a plan owe keep the mission from flooding going forward. the rain is a problem in daily city. work crews trying to shore up a hillside that crumbled after a rupture. it let loose what,000 gallons of water and just unleashed a huge mudslide. crews have been out there replacing the soil that shifted. the hillside must be shored up. what is job one. >> the california emergency management agency reminds us this weather provides a good reason to make sure that we are ready for rainy season or a natural hazard. we're encouraged to have our kits stocked with items including radios and flashlights and of course, batteries. a three day supply of food and water for everybody in the family. and a can opener, prepare guidelines for stocking your
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kit ask developing a plan for your family for you on abc 7 >> more weather coverage coming up. happening now, police have surrounded the home of a man suspected of shooting and killing an animal control officer. the officer went to a home in the town this morning to pick up pets from a man when had been evicted and said he had no place to kep keep the animals. as the officer approached a shotgun blast tore through the door, right into his chest. the gunman believed to be the evicted man. the house supposed to be empty at the time. >> for the second time in two days a san jose school employee being credited with saving lives in a burning vehicle. abc 7 news joins us with the story of the grounds keeper being raised -- praised a hero tonight. >> you can see from the burn marks from the rv how it's engulfed in flames.
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the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we know that the quick action of a normally shy man made a big difference. the two women sleeping in this rv can thank a grounds keeper who saw flames from across the street. jesse hernandez rescued them. >> they're trying to escape one of them burned her hands. they were not able to get out. banging and yelling. so mr. hernandez actually dwraned the garden hose and stwishd a certain amount of the fire before we got there. >> the captain says hernandez took a risk because there could have been a back draft as he opened the door. >> when he started to engage in firefighting he phone shall list beinged his life. >> rv parked just feet from the garage door. another live was saved.
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>> two women knew their 3-month-old pit bull was still inside. she was found cowering in fear. one firefighter went in and found her. you won't see video of jesse hernandez. he didn't want the spotlight or praise for being a hero. >> definitely a hero. yes. for sure. we're proud of hism. the kids were excited for us. >> the principal described him as quiet. no one can convince him do an interview he probably didn't want praise over this, we'll make a big deal about it here in school. >> the hero is a 60-year-old10 year veteran of the school district. he did take the rest of the day off. you can be sure that he's going to get a welcome when he returns to the job tomorrow.
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>> thank you. traffic heading northbound on highway 880 is slowly getting back to normal after two crushed cars fell off a truck and was skidding along the freeway. this happened along marina boulevard off ramp. three of the four northbound lanes had to be closed while crews worked to clear the roadway. chp looking for the driver. they say he might not have realized he drops cars. >> what a mess that created. >> coming up here do you think you paid too much for a cup of coffee? the new roast that will nearly double the spot. >> hotel stick her shock. why feds say many hotels are actually breaking the law. >> a study uncovers reasons most women may end up getting a mastectomy.
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apparently has little to do with heir health.
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a 15-year-old accused of a deadly crime spree entered court today. did he not enter a plea. prosecutors say november 16th he took part in four robberies killed a person during a car jacking and injured an officer in a shootout. the teenager is being tried as an adult. he is too young to qualify for death penalty. a second suspect could face the death penalty if prosecutors pursue it. >> in oakland two people killed over a violent weekend were teenagers. the another of one victim spoke for the first time today. that story from east oakland.
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>> four people shot and killed over the weekend oakland. it wasn't until last night that police confirmed to abc 7 news two killed were teen-aged girls ages 15, 16. >> my caughter was my life. >> she is the mother of 16-year-old bobby sartane. she and her best friend gunned down in east oakland just off high street sunday morning. >> i went to the morgue, or coroner i couldn't believe it's my daughter. picture i saw of her... they showed her quite a few times. >> witnesses tell me here in the 2600 block of menna avenue the girls were standing a car opened fire. bobby's mother says her daughter could be boys truss, but she was a good girl. >> i tried. i tried talking to her and nothing worked. >> jed came to the aid of the girls after they were shot. he says bobby was hit first, bullets piercing her face and back. she was lying here
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unresponsive, raquel, he says on the other side of the street shechl was shot, but she was still breathing. >> i stepped in and holding her hand. >> two memorials sit where two girls were hit by gunfire, friends and strangers asking, when will the violence end? >> it's sad someone would do something so careless, she's young. someone took her life before it started. >> bullet holes riddled a car. police only telling me this is an active investigation. and are confirming shots are fired. but the mother is left grieving the loss of her daughter. >> i hope she knowed how much i loved her. if there is anything i would do, i would do it to get my daughter back. >> bobby's mother tells us oakland police are yugsing her daughter's cell phone as part of the investigation.
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now, witnesses say they saw a white car, possibly a nissan leaving the scene. police asking that anyone with information contact oakland police department. >> police asking for help in identifying two masked gunmen who robbed a jewelry store tuesday. police released this video today. it shows two robbers just bursting into the store. one holds employees at gun point, the other scoops up merchandise as fast as he could. stuffs it into a bag. the men drove off in a grave vw jetta with north carolina plates. police found abandoned. >> this fear of breast cancer may be leading to unnecessary mastectomies. the survey found about eight in 0 women who underwent this mastectomy did not have clinical indications
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classifying as high risk for recurrence. >> yahoo ceo marisa myer says the it is easeyer than they reported it to be. she says her 2-month-old son has been easy. working moms may relie it's easy with nan yeez, person chefs and housekeepers. five months yahoo has been in charge yahoo stock at 52 week high ootz federal government is warning hotels to stop hiding resort fees adding to the bills. this could with good news. >> a lot of travelers thinking about time the ftc sent warning levels demanding they disclose all of the fees they will tack onto the bill. this is drip pricing.
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then, charging you for the pool. and the center and internet fees can add up to $30 a night. guests must pay whether using perks for not. fcc warning letter says hotels may be violating the law by failing to dislos the fees up front. >> new home sales were still way up above levels we saw last year at this time. commerce zeptz hurricane sandy contributed to the decline last month. that is expected and sales fell 32% on the east coast, but... they grew in mid west and out here in the west. the market was far more robust than last year, sales rose by 17% last month. compared to a year ago. and analysts say supply is getting thin. another sign housing market is rebounding. >> some consider extravagant to have a $3 laut yeah.
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but what about a $7 cup of joe? starbucks has the priceyest cup yet, offering a rare costa rica variety called geisha. a 12 ounce cup costs $6. a 16 ounce grandy -- grande, that is medium to you and me goes for $7. starbucks says customers want a superior bean. who are these people? >> i know. >> that is a grande price. >> yes. >> take a look at this rainbow over san jose city hall this morning. beautiful. we'd like to share your pictures with our viewers. you can e mail pictures to us. or share them with us. >> that is a great picture. >> yes. >> we have survived round one, but more is coming up. >> yes. that is right.
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sandhya patel is here now with more on this storm. >> two more storms coming. today brought wind and rain. next two storms will take their sweet time. and that means flooding concerns. live look from our camera, beautiful view towards the bay there. we have clouds overhead and showers still showing up. another live picture where it's been raining up in lake tahoe. at highest elevations they have seen snow. winter storm warning runs until 4:00 p.m. friday. winds gusting to 80 miles per hour. this is looking at 10-22 inches of snow up there. you'll notice it's quieter today. still showers around lucas valley road.
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fairfax light returns showing up right now. so, let me show you what it looks like east of us into sierra nevada. winter weather advisory just dropped we have a little bit of rain-snow mix there. rainfall varied quite a bit. two inches in venato. you can see over an inch in mount st. helena. concord and oakland just under quarter inch. height of the storm, peak gusts reaching 7 amiles per hour. so that is definitely wind accompanying the storm temperatures in the 50s and 60s. highlights, next storm starting tomorrow in mid day. wet wind yes friday, saturday. stormy weather sunday morning.
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here is the next storm, heavy rain spreading south. this storm two. that third system arrives this weekend. wide spread wind and rain going into sunday. each storm bringing more rain than what we've seen come through here tomorrow today, tomorrow morning looks fine. watch rain line moving south ward at noon time. not until evening we pick up rain along the coastline. it continues to drop south and east. that commute does not look good. some of you have heavy down pours and gusty winds. showers will continue heading into saturday. and saturday afternoon, the next batch of heavy rain arrives we'll have wet weather there. this is until saturday.
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it's not including that saturday night and sunday storm. one to two inches across the heart of the bay area. flood watch up. for a lake county straight dealta, could see urban stream flooding and we're looking at the russian river at hopland to see rapid rises. close to 20 feet, just below flood stage. so that is a big concern. high surf expected, coastal north bay high surf advisory. thursday 9:00 a.m. friday, 3:00 a.m. in the morning. temperatures upper 40s to mid-50s. highs from mid-50s to mid-60s. accu-weather forecast, wet, windy. heavy rain going into saturday afternoon, sunday morning looks nasty. we'll get a break by then, we'll need it here in the bay area.
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>> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> jim harbaugm makes an announcement. which quarterback starts sunday's game? >> it's almost unimaginable. how these people survive. >> author of the kite runner. my interview about efforts to help provide shelter to millions
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well, 49ers coach has made the call. collin cappernick will start. he says he exciting stating the start against the rams this will be the third straight start. alex smith suffered a concussion and has not gotten his job back. >> yes. they are. we're getting ready for
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raiders day. december 6th here on abc 7. that is when we'll broadcast the raiders game at the coliseum in oakland. the game starts at 5:00, and attention, raider nation, we want to see your team pride. inviting you to e mail your fan photos. we'll post those pictures a abc 7 and show them on the air during raiders day next thursday. >> very exciting and good stuff. a very special toy drive being held tonight. >> coming up, houp you can help
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coming up at 6:00 we're on storm watch. sandhya patel returning with an updated accu-weather forecast plus we'll have live reports from all around the bay area. and the bay area small business owner sat down with president obama to discuss ways to avoid the fisal cliff.
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those stories and more coming up at 6:00. now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. see you then. >> san francisco firefighters are holding a toy drive tonight focusing on hard to find item. >> the firefighters program wants to be able to represent the community they serve better that is why they're making this very special request. >> yes. they're accepting dos of dollars from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. tonight at don ramone's mexican restaurant. >> and we have more information on how you can help tonight in this effort. and all season long on our web site abc 7 under see it on tv. nice work they're doing. >> i'm cheryl jeng autos i'm dan ashley. from all of u this is "world news." tonight, dreaming the dream. a chance for someone to win more than half a billion dollars. >> i always feel lucky. >> this is it. this is the one. >> right now, people lining up, 130,000 tickets sold every minute. and we take you inside the
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